This blog contains the random musings of Alexander Lamaison. Much of it will be programming-related, with C++ a particular favourite.

Musings are often provoked by work on my various open-source projects.

Gander: an abstract interpreter for Python written in Java

As part of my PhD research on advanced type inference for Python, I developed an abtract interpreter capable of sybolically executing real-world Python programs. The interpreter is aimed at type inference but should be applicable to other program-analysis problems.

Swish: easy SFTP for Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer has built-in support for FTP but not SFTP. Swish is an Explorer namespace extension that add this support. Its main goal is ease-of-use.

Emacs cmake-project mode

Emacs build tools for C/C++ assume a Makefile exists for the project but this isn't necessarily the case for projects managed by CMake which can generate many different types of project file. I developed cmake-project.el which integrates the CMake build process with the existing Emacs tools.

Coliru Javascript library

My first foray into proper Javascript development is coliru.js, which allows you to compile code snippets on-demand directly in your web-page via the excellent Coliru online compiler.